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What We Do

Chasers DD is a Professional designated driving service based in Phoenix, that features six different membership services to choose from; Individual, Joint, Family, Bar/Restaurant, and Corporate. As DUI arrests increase and penalties stiffen, Chasers DD has found an opportunity to help its members get home safely and keep the roads safe in the process. The convenience and affordability of Chasers DD’s service makes it almost a necessity. It is, in many cases, cheaper than taking a taxi.

The Best Designated Driver Service in Arizona

Why are we the best designated driving service in Arizona? Because we are an owner-operated and experienced group of individuals that really care. Unlike other services that promise to arrive quickly, we really do. We also drive unmarked cars, so never worry about the embarrassment of being picked up by a "drunk" car or unprofessional team. We also offer our exclusive, "Drive you in your own car" service, where we do just that-drive you in your car. All of this is automatically available to you with your membership. And, with a smaller pool of members, we can ensure the timeliness of your pick up as well as make sure we're always able and ready.